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CDOT Shoreline Reconstruction 43rd Street to 45th Street

The reconstruction of the shoreline repairs damage due to environmental conditions and is part of the City of Chicago’s efforts to improve the appearance of the city’s lakefront. The projects scope includes:

  • Excavate and demolish portions of the existing revetment
  • Salvage, store & reuse existing limestone blocks for offshore reef structure, onshore return wall, and tree wells. Process, place and compact concrete rubble fill
  • Construct new revetment consisting of anchored sheet pile bulkhead, extending 10 to 30’ lakeward, with wales and tie-rods. Install foundations (H-piles) for and construct new reinforced concrete slabs, step stones, and wave deflectors for the new revetment
  • Construct miscellaneous concrete structures, place and compact new earth fill, construct new lakefront trail, widen and resurface over a half mile of existing trail

Construction Manager Responsibilities:

  • Inspect, measure, document construction quantities/pay items
  • Conduct & document weekly progress meetings including construction schedule review, maintain field books & project diary, process & review contractor submittals, process monthly pay estimates, coordinate, review & process construction materials testing
  • All documentation/administration is conducted via the CDOT CM Website and follows standard CDOT procedures & guidelines

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