Project Profiles

Cook County Highway Department

The 1.2 mile Cook County project consisted of complete reconstruction of the roadway. The objective was to provide a better sight distance for traffic entering the roadway from side streets and driveways, as well as roadway travel itself. The road was moved 10 feet east with cuts and fills exceeding 5 feet at some locations. Storm sewer modifications were required and curb and gutter was used at steep slopes from the right-of-way to the edge of pavement to eliminate ditches and culverts for most driveways.


  • Provided construction field inspection services and documentation for all work performed on the project.
  • Completed all daily activity reports, NPDES reports, Pay Estimates and Change Orders.
  • Areas of Inspection include bituminous paving, drainage, earth excavation, and erosion control.
  • Served as Assistant to Resident Engineer

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