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Cook County Real Estate Asset Realignment Plan

Ardmore provided Facilities Condition Assessment services for the Cook County Real Estate Asset Realignment Plan project. The scope of work consisted of taking inventory of all County facility systems and conducting condition assessments of all building structures, utilities, equipment and site systems for Corporate, Public, Safety and Health Care Facilities. Ardmore was responsible for rating the functional conditions of each system such as foundations, superstructures, exterior envelope, roofs, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and site works providing comprehensive reports for each system complete with verbal descriptions, histories, existing condition rating, estimated life cycle, estimated value and estimated cost of replacement. Correction methods for deficient conditions and corresponding estimated costs determined using cost models based on UNIFORMAT II standards were also provided in the reports. Assessments were to be completed in accordance with ASTM E2018 and Tier 2 ADA standards.

Ardmore accomplished a 67 million square foot assessment for Cook County facilities such as City Hall, Daley Center, Provident Hospital and Stoger Hospital inspecting all existing roofing systems, parapet walls, coping, conveying systems, masonry, structural and non-structural concrete, foundations, grade beams, multi-level and ground parking structures, chillers, boilers, etc. Roofing systems inspected for Cook County included all those listed in existence at the McCormick Place on the RFP such as Firestone EPDM, Owens Corning Derbigum, PVC Single Ply Membrane, Trocal Mechanically Attached PVC and Firestone EPDM Ballasted.

Ardmore assisted consultants in developing a recommended long-range capital improvement plan and developed a training program to prepare Cook County personnel to perform ongoing annual assessment updates. Ardmore also managed the facility assessment coordination and the final QA/QC reporting efforts.

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