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Gary Airport

Ardmore was a subconsultant to AECOM to provide Program Management services for a $166 million program to extend the runway at Gary/Chicago International Airport. The program consisted of issuing 20 construction contracts to relocate 2 miles of railroad tracks for the CN, construction of an overpass on Airport Road, construction of an overpass for train traffic, construction of a 1/4 mile long box culvert that will support train traffic and all work associated with extending the runway. This program also required coordination with utilities and three railroads to relocate numerous high tension power lines, multiple gas, oil and communication lines. The Program Management team was made up of three people 1) Capitol Program Manager (AECOM) 2) Deputy Program Manager (Ardmore) and 3) Utility coordinator (AECOM). An overview of the Program Manager’s responsibilities follows:

  • Developing and implementing the program including budgets, bid packages and program procedures
  • Obtaining railroad agreements from CN, CSX and NS
  • Issuing and coordinating 20 design packages
  • Issuing and coordinating 2 Construction Management contracts
  • Issuing and coordinating 20 Construction contracts
  • Preparing and presenting all contracts and contract modifications for board approval
  • Preparation and implementation of the program schedule
  • Preparation and implementation of the program budget
  • Preparation and implementation of the utility agreements
  • Negotiation of all contracts and program/ project changes

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