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ISTHA Jane Addams Memorial Tollway Reconstruction

Ardmore provided construction inspection services for the improvements on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway between IL Route 173 and the Cherry Valley Interchange. The work consisted of widening and rebuilding of the roadway by performing rubblization or reconstruction of approximately eight miles of the
Main line and shoulders between Mile Markers 62.3 and 69.9.

The project included the complete reconstruction of the drainage system, the installation of a new lighting system, the installation of weight in motion sensors and enforcement area, the installation of a new concrete barrier wall, the installation of new permanent pavement markings and signage and finally, the traffic maintenance and the complete reconstruction of the US 20 overpass bridge.

Performed inspections of a variety of work items that included storm sewer and drainage structure installation, HMA paving operations, barrier wall installation, and several bridge reconstruction items such as pile installation, pier foundations, bridge deck installations.

Performed survey tasks including; progress cross sections and elevation verifications for items such as lighting foundations and storm sewer work.

Performed field engineering to resolve conflicts arising from plan discrepancies, documenting daily construction activities, creating and maintaining clear and accurate project construction documentation, submittal and material inspection reviews, jobsite inspection ensuring design and construction compliance, daily reviewing of traffic control configuration for safety concerns.

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