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ISTHA Plaza 9 Elgin Open Road Tolling Reconstruction

Ardmore provided construction inspection services for the improvements that were performed along the Northwest Tollway I-90 between Mile Post 24.0 and Mile Post 26.5. The work consisted of complete removal and replacement of the toll plaza, construction of a new open road tolling collection facility,
installation of new toll booths, complete reconstruction and widening of approximately one mile of mainline pavement and shoulders, complete construction of a storm sewer system, installation of new light standards, widening of the bridge over Sleepy Hollow Road, retaining wall construction, and permanent pavement marking and signage.

  • Provided construction inspection services for all roadway lighting, ORT structures, and overhead signage on 2.5-mile stretch of the Northwest Tollway.
  • Acted as Erosion Control Manager for the Construction Section Engineer; worked with state and local Environmental agencies to minimize environmental impact on the project.
  • Completed ISTHA reports including activity reports, maintenance of traffic reports, and NPDES reports.
  • Generated Pay Estimates, Change Orders, and Extra Work Orders.

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