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Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

The PM/CM will be performing full‐service oversight of all components of the project. The museum will consist of two main program elements: a 400,000 SF museum and an integral 285,000 sq. ft. parking structure. Major spaces will include a gallery, central public space, office, restaurant, theaters, education space, archive space and MEP space. The project will be located in Chicago south of Soldier Field across from Northerly Island.

The design is both futuristic and timeless. Its continuous, undulating organic surface blurs the line between structure and landscape. The museum will not be an isolated object, but a spatial experience designed by the people who will occupy it and interact with it. Its complex, organic surface will evoke the great achievements of architectural history. More than a building, it is be designed to be an architectural sculpture, fostering social interaction and bringing people closer to each other and to nature.

The tallest points of the museum will feature an observation deck with 360-degree views, providing visitors with stunning panoramas of both Chicago and Lake Michigan. Inside, exhibition space in infinite loops will inspire the imagination to ponder endless possibilities, both in content and design. The design for the museum mirrors the objective of the artwork that will be inside: It tells a story. The narrative ushers in the future of architectural design, explaining the relationship between man and nature. Its iconic design aspires to join the ranks of Chicago’s many cherished landmarks.

Ardmore’s initial task is to develop the MWBE participation and workforce hiring plans, as the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art wants to ensure that Minority Businesses, Women Businesses, and Community Residents will have maximum feasible opportunities to participate on the project.

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