Project Profiles

Northwestern Memorial Healthcare

As a sub-consultant to the Construction Manager, Lend Lease, Ardmore provided construction management services for the Northwestern Memorial Healthcare’s new Outpatient Care Pavilion. Ardmore provided onsite supervision for the construction of (2)-two pedestrian skybridges, which connect the new facility to the medical campus and the parking facility, and an underground pedestrian tunnel which connected the new facility to the medical campus. Ardmore’s responsibilities are summarized in the figure below.


  • Provided full-time onsite supervision.
  • Answered questions from the trades, resolved problems and facilitated requested information in the field.
  • Scheduled and supervised third-party Owner testing agency inspections.

Site Inspections:

  • Conducted daily site inspections to ensure construction in accordance with approved submittals and construction documents.


  • Generated and distributed construction schedule.
  • Planned site logisitics.
  • Monitored progress of trades to ensure compliance with schedule.
  • Regurlarly updated schedule accordingly.


  • Helped facilitate permit approval from CDOT and City of Chicago.

On-Site Meetings:

  • Attended weekly subcontractor meetings.
  • Attended MEP coordination meetings.

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