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State Farm Center Renovations

The State Farm Center, formerly the Assembly Hall which opened in 1963 with a 17,200 seating capacity, was considered the largest concrete dome of any sports area in the world at the time opening. The multi-use facility will be undergoing 152,000 SF of renovations and 66,000 SF of added space while 33,000 SF will remain unchanged, a process broken up into six phases to remain operational during construction. Phase 1 consisted of MEP enabling work. Phase 2 consisted of the interior demolition of the upper bowl seating areas. Phase 3 will include extending the glass wall of the building on all sides to accommodate upper concourse bathrooms. Phase 4 will consist of lower bowl restructuring to provide luxury suites and clubs for season ticket holders. When construction is complete in the fall of 2016, the arena will feature abundant concessions, restrooms on Upper Concourse Level, new office spaces, new entries, ADA ramps, a plaza and its first complete HVAC system which will increase functionality from May through August.

As a sub-consultant to the Construction Manager, Turner/Clayco Joint Venture, Ardmore has been providing construction management services for the State Farm Center Renovations at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign since February 2014 in the form of full-time onsite supervision during construction. Our responsibilities include the following:


  • Maintain safety watch to ensure all safety rules and guidelines are abided by each Subcontractor.
  • Direct trades to correct safety violations and notify Construction Manager of such.

Site Inspections:

  • Conduct daily site inspections to ensure completion in accordance to contract documents and approved submittals.
  • Stop work if necessary for quality control and quality assurance purposes.
  • Generate daily construction reports.


  • Coordinate the work of all subcontractors.
  • Monitor subcontractors to ensure activities are completed in accordance to the project schedule.

Problem Solving:

  • Troubleshooting in the field including resolving problems from the trades, answering questions and facilitating requested information in the field.

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