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Toyota Park Professional Soccer Stadium

Midwest Construction – 2006 Award of Merit : Sports and Entertainment

The Village of Bridgeview’s Toyota Park Professional Soccer Stadium is a 375,100 square foot, five-level, 20,000 seat stadium on a 75 acre site with 18,500 SF of administration space and 85,000 SF of locker rooms, training rooms, club area and broadcast and press booths.

As the Owner’s Representative, Ardmore provided project management services to the Village of Bridgeview for the Soccer Stadium project. Among Ardmore’s first tasks was collaborating with the architect to reduce the construction costs by approximately $30 Million through value engineering, scope reduction, repurposing of areas and redesigning elements in order to meet the established budget. Ardmore also closely managed all scope changes by obtaining cost estimates for the changes from the Construction Manager’s estimating team and collaborating with the architect to redesign the changes as needed to meet the budget. Ardmore prepared Requests for Qualifications and Requests for Proposals for items such as select demolition, billboard signage and existing dome repairs. Ardmore also attended all pre-bid, bid openings and scope review meetings as conducted by the Construction Manager, Turner Construction Company. Other responsibilities and accomplished tasks for the Toyota Park project are highlighted below:


  • Worked with architect to reduce construction costs by $30 Million in order to meet project budget.
  • Managed cost control and generated cash flow projections for Owner.
  • Obtained cost estimates for changes and worked with architect to redesign as needed in order to meet budget.


  • Attended project planning meetings.
  • Developed project schedule.
  • Monitored activities to ensure schedule was met throughout project duration.

Site Inspections:

  • Regularly inspected work completion for compliance with contract requirements.
  • Contracted and supervised testing agencies to perform inspections such as pull-testing of anchors at stadium seating.

Document Control:

  • Published weekly and monthly reports to Owner including construction progress and cost status.
  • Devised, organized and prepared project documentation system complete with reference library and drawing archives for submission to the Village of Bridgeview upon turn over.

Technical Advice:

  • Devised capital program for maintenance plan that was adopted by the Village of Bridgeview and managed by Ardmore for the first 2 years after project completion.

Product Awards:

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