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Village of Bridgeview 71st Street Grade Separation

Ardmore is the project representative for the Village of Bridgeview. The Village of Bridgeview is the Local Agency in this IDOT/ CREATE project. Ardmore represented the Village of Bridgeview in all phases of this project.

Phase 1
Prepared RFP/RFQ for the project
Part of the selection committee
Managed the design contract

Phase 2
Part of the selection committee for the design team
Managed the design contract
Managed Village affairs with IDOT/ CREATE and FHWA
Managed railroad agreements through design
Managed property acquisition
Managed utility agreements through design
Aided Village in processing invoices and agreements

Phase 3
Coordination with the railroad and utilities
Aided the village in processing invoices for reimbursement
Aided the village in processing amended utility agreements
Coordination with adjacent property owners
Coordinated all Village interests in the project

This project involves constructing a grade separation under (4) active CSX/IHB tracks. It required us to relocate Com Ed’s transmission and distribution lines, relocated an eight inch high pressure gas main, relocate an eighty four inch storm line, and a sixteen inch waterline in order to construct the underpass. Once the utilities were relocated jump spans were constructed on each side on the street in order to minimize track down time in order to construct the underpass abutment walls. Once the abutment walls are constructed the tracks will be taken out of service for 24 hours in order to set the permanent span. Then the rest of the underpass can be constructed with no more interference to train traffic.

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